Rebecca Bidwell - Director of Bidwell Henderson

Rebecca Bidwell, Director of Bidwell Henderson Costs Consultants.

My role in the business has evolved substantially over the years. I started as a Law Costs Draftsperson and now I am the Head of Business Development and I co-ordinate our bespoke training programme.  My job involves problem solving, continual investment in futureproofing and improving the business along with spotting and acting on opportunities.

Why do you feel apprenticeships are important?

I became an apprentice after finishing school. Being able to work whilst I was learning practical skills worked really well for me. At school I was a very average student with average grades but I always had a great work ethic. Being able to put in to practice what I was learning from a young age helped me progress quickly in my career and gave me skills which were attractive to employers when they were considering promoting team members. In my previous job aged 24 I was managing an office and the youngest team member in the company to be promoted to a Manager. I then went on to set up a central London office. This experience gave me the skills and confidence in my own ability to set up Bidwell Henderson seven years ago.

What qualities do you look for when interviewing apprentices?

Dedication and a great work ethic. Someone who wants to impress and do well. Someone with excellent time keeping and a ‘can do’ attitude.

What benefits come from hiring apprentices?

They learn everything from the ground up and they can progress in to different departments depending on their preferences.

How many apprentices are currently with Bidwell Henderson?

We currently have 3 apprentices working with us here at Bidwell Henderson. Sarah Hill and Chandler Edlin are part of our Processing Team, and are both completing Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeships, we also have Emma Shears, who is completing her Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeships, in our Business Development Team.

Why should other companies consider taking on apprentices?

We have taken on five apprentices over the last four years and each one has been hard working, dedicated and an excellent employee. All five apprentices are still working at BH and each one has progressed in their own field. For us, it’s about finding the right people and giving them the skills to do the job not the other way around. I would highly recommend that all businesses consider apprenticeships.