Please tell us your name and what apprenticeship you are enrolled on.

Sarah Elizabeth Hill– Business Administration Apprenticeship

What appealed to you about searching for an apprenticeship position?  

I liked the fact I could gain a qualification whilst in a working environment.

What is your job title and what does your role include?

My job role falls into the category of the processing team, it is my job to ensure that all claims and bills are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible before being submitted to the LAA or court for payment. I monitor all client trackers, inboxes, and emails to ensure that all information is up to date and completed.

One of my main jobs in the processing department is processing is the final analysis of the bill and assessment bundle before this gets submitted to the LAA for payment. I perform final checks on the claims and bills to ensure that no information or evidence is missing or will be vulnerable on assessment.

I also liaise with draftsman, fee-earners, and counsels to ensure that any issues are resolved prior to the bill’s submission to either the LAA or court. I try my best to secure the best results for our clients as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

How did you apply for your apprenticeship? Was the process easy? 

I applied for an apprenticeship as I was unsure on the career path I wished to pursue. I initially applied and was accepted to complete a geography degree at the University of Nottingham, however, with no career path in mind I decided to divert in a different direction whilst gaining a qualification.

The process was fairly easy, Bidwell Henderson provided an initial test which was then followed by an interview.

What skills have you gained or improved on during your apprenticeship?

I believe my apprenticeship has allowed me to advance my communication skills, along with time management.

How do you feel your apprenticeship will help you with your future career? 

My apprenticeship has provided me with a qualification which is desirable to employers. I believe the development of my communication and time management skills will also benefit me in my future career.

How has Bidwell Henderson supported you throughout your apprenticeship and in your developing career?  

Bidwell Henderson have supported me throughout my apprenticeship by putting in place catch up sessions to review my progress, and providing me with resources and information to assist me throughout my apprenticeship.