Please tell us your name and what apprenticeship you are enrolled on.

My name is Emma Shears, and I am completing a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with GBS Apprenticeships.

What is your job title and what does your role include?

I am a Marketing Assistant here at Bidwell Henderson, my role involves creating and planning content for our social media platforms and blog, editing video content, updating the website, and helping to organising details for events. I am also involved with our training programme, by tracking the trainees progress and editing the training platform when it needs updating.

What appealed to you about searching for an apprenticeship position?  

I started searching for an apprenticeship during the pandemic, I had spent 5 months at home on furlough and decided I needed to make a change in order to build a career. During the search I also had to debate exactly what it was I wanted to do, I had previous experience working in admin so initially I began searching for administration roles. After doing some research I decided I was more interested in pursuing marketing, and I felt I would benefit from doing an apprenticeship as I wanted to learn the foundations rather than try to blag my way through it.

How did you apply for your apprenticeship? Was the process easy? 

When I first started applying for apprenticeships my original plan was to do my Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, but I then I started looking into options for other apprenticeships and I was surprised to find the variety of subjects that were covered. After my research I decided I was more interested in pursuing a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. I went for an interview at GBS Apprenticeships Head Office in Chesterfield, which made me feel really comfortable and reassured that they were there to help. We discussed what I wanted to do and then I was put in touch with someone who helped me to find Digital Marketing Apprenticeship roles. When I received the job description for Bidwell Henderson, I knew it was a role I wanted to push for, I then went through two interview rounds and skill tests before obtaining a job offer.

What skills have you gained or improved on during your apprenticeship?

I have been very fortunate to have had a fantastic tutor in Anna McGroggan, who has given me support and a great variety of digital marketing knowledge. I was also lucky enough to be bought on board to a great department and team at Bidwell Henderson who are very helpful and encouraging. I have gain lots of new skills such as how to write content for a professional company, how to use new content creation tools, and how to manage a website.

How do you feel your apprenticeship will help you with your future career? 

By doing an apprenticeship I have built the foundations of my digital marketing skills and managed to build on that. I also think it will allow me in the future to aid employees starting out whether they’re an apprentice or not.

How has Bidwell Henderson supported you throughout your apprenticeship and in your developing career?  

Bidwell Henderson have been incredibly supportive throughout my apprenticeship and as I approach my EPA (End Point Assessment). I have always been encouraged to pursue any courses that could further my knowledge and improve my skill set. BH have also been supportive of me continuing to a Level 4 Apprenticeship should I wish to!