Please tell us your name and what apprenticeship you are enrolled on.

My name is Chandler Edlin and I am completing a Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3 with GBS Apprenticeships.

What is your job title and what does your role include?

I initially began my apprenticeship in the administration team but in six short months I have progressed to a Processing Assistant, which involved checking documents and claim uploads through to final payment.

What appealed to you about searching for an apprenticeship position?  

I was motivated to earn while I learned instead of incurring copious debt with no guarantee of a graduate job in the field studied.

How did you apply for your apprenticeship? Was the process easy? 

I applied for my role through a job vacancy website. The process was rigorous and included a pre interview assessment, first interview, secondary interview and then trial day. I felt that this level of attention to detail during the interview process showed that Bidwell Henderson care about finding the right candidate for the position.

What skills have you gained or improved on during your apprenticeship?

I have greatly improved my analytical skills and gained knowledge of the wider legal processes involved in submitting solicitors claims for payment. As well as improving my workload management skills and knowledge of working in a professional environment.

How do you feel your apprenticeship will help you with your future career? 

I feel that the process of managing a secondary workload, like my apprenticeship studies, will put me in good stead when progressing and ultimately enable me to accrue further responsibility within my main role in the future.

How has Bidwell Henderson supported you throughout your apprenticeship and in your developing career?  

Bidwell Henderson have given me every training resource available in order for me to develop my knowledge of the legal services industry and administrative role alike. My career has already vastly developed with promising prospects of further progress in the future.