To celebrate it being National Apprenticeship Week we decided it was a great opportunity to interview former and current apprentices of Bidwell Henderson.

We are huge advocates of apprenticeships and continual on the job training.

Bidwell Henderson believe apprenticeships are a fantastic way to gain a qualification whilst also gaining work experience and to top it all off you can earn whilst you learn!

Chelsea Allcock has been with Bidwell Henderson for over 3 years now, she started her career with a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship as an Administration Apprentice and she has progressed in the business receiving two promotions. She now works in the Marketing and Business Development department and supervises all BH apprentices.

Emma Shears started working for us at the beginning of February as our Marketing Assistant and is currently completing her Level 3 Digital Marketing with GBS Apprenticeships.

Roman White started with Bidwell Henderson in June 2019 as an Administration Assistant and has since progressed to join the IT Department as the IT and Systems Co-ordinator. Roman completed his apprenticeship in Level 3 Business Administration last year.

Sarah Hill joined Bidwell Henderson 5 months ago and is part of the Processing Team, as a Processing Assistant. Sarah is currently completing her Level 3 Business Administration.

What interested you in doing an apprenticeship?

At the time when I was looking into what career path I wanted to pursue, I was still at sixth form. I had absolutely no idea what direction or path I wanted to go in I decided to withdraw my university application, I then begin looking at careers which I would like to progress and learn more about. I was particularly interested in doing an apprenticeship as it allowed me to learn and gain a qualification, whilst gaining valuable skills in a working environment. I’ve always been a practical person and prefer the manner of a workplace in comparison to full-time studying, such as at university. – Sarah Hill.

When I finished my A levels, I was unsure what career I wanted to pursue but I knew I wanted to carry on learning. So, it was the ability to keep learning whilst gaining experience in a professional work environment that interested me in doing an apprenticeship. – Chelsea Allcock.

What attracted you to working for Bidwell Henderson?

The reason I chose Bidwell Henderson was because of the mannerisms and values which the company has. When first researching the company, I was initially interested by how open the company was. The website taught me a lot about Bidwell Henderson and made me feel assured, particularly by each member of staff’s profile. I found the core values of Bidwell Henderson reflected those of my own, such as integrity and dedication. I’ve always been a very outgoing and dedicated person and I could immediately see myself working as one of the team. – Sarah Hill.

I found Bidwell Henderson through GBS Apprenticeships whilst searching for an employer to complete my Level 3 Digital Marketing with, and when I was sent the job description, I instantly knew they were a company that cares about their employees. From my interviews with Chelsea, Rebecca and Ann I knew it was a company full of friendly, supportive people, and it made me excited to work for Bidwell Henderson. – Emma Shears.


What was the biggest benefit to doing apprenticeship for you?

The biggest benefit of doing an apprenticeship for me was that I got to learn and work at the same time. I was able to gain knowledge about business administration and was able to gain hands on experience in admin. – Roman White.

Especially as a Digital Marketing Apprentice the tools and platforms used for the job are constantly evolving, so it’s better to be learning from industry professionals. I feel that doing apprenticeship means I can apply the skills and knowledge I gain in real time.  – Emma Shears.


What support did Bidwell Henderson provide to you during your time as an apprentice?

Bidwell Henderson are very supportive of my apprenticeship, they ensure I am supported fully with all tasks which I may need further information on. For example, I have a weekly phone call with Chelsea regarding any questions I have with any work set, as well as just having a general update about my apprenticeship. Bidwell Henderson also ensure that I have all the necessary equipment I need. – Sarah Hill.

I had the entire Administration team helping me all the way through my Apprenticeship. If I was ever stuck, they were there with a helping hand. They also let me have the designated time to complete my apprenticeship work. – Chelsea Allcock.

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship?

I would 100% recommend doing an apprenticeship. It has helped me figure out a career path that I ideally want to go down and I hope it helps others to do the same. – Chelsea Allcock.

I would recommend to anyone that isn’t sure about whether to go to university that they look into doing apprenticeship instead, it is a great way to learn and to gain hands on experience at the same time. – Roman White.

What is your best advice to someone completing an apprenticeship?

I would give the advice of time management. It is essential you are managing your time effectively so that you can complete the work set in advance of deadlines. I would also give the advice to always ask if you are unsure on any work, there is always someone to help! – Sarah Hill.

Make sure you take lots of notes on the tasks you complete and the time you spend completing them, also the things you learn on the job as so much of it can be used for your apprenticeship. It’s so beneficial to both you and your tutor! Always be upfront with your manager and tutor if you are struggling with the workload as they will make sure they do everything they can to help you and provide you with techniques to manage it. – Emma Shears.


What is your favourite thing about working for Bidwell Henderson?

It’s difficult name one thing as there are a lot of aspects I enjoy about my job and the company as a whole, but I like the variety in my workload, the people I get to work with and the career opportunities that are presented to me. – Chelsea Allcock.

My favourite thing about working for Bidwell Henderson is the people that work there, everyone is so kind and they’re all more than happy to provide support when you need it. – Roman White.

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