Our Trainee Law Costs Draftsperson, Joe Creffield, has told us more about himself, how he found the trainee recruitment process and his experience of the training programme so far. Bidwell Henderson are extremely passionate about bringing in and nurturing new talent in costs drafting. To find out more about becoming a trainee costs draftsperson, click the link below.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I graduated from university last year and had initially hoped to do a bit of travelling, but covid unfortunately ended those plans. After bouncing about in various odd jobs during the height of lockdown, I wanted to start in a career role. I found the idea of learning a technical skill such as costs drafting appealing.

How did you find the recruitment process for the trainee position?

I found the recruitment process to be very smooth. After submitting my CV and cover letter I was invited to an online test and finally to interview. I was told the outcome of my interview quickly, which I appreciated.

What was your first week like at BH?

Quite intense – there was a lot of new information to take in! The team was very welcoming though, and although I felt challenged, I didn’t feel overly pressured.

How did you feel starting the job given the current global circumstances?

It felt strange starting a new job by turning on my computer meters away from my bed but given the online modular nature of the training material, I didn’t feel like I was at a disadvantage by working remotely.

What is it like working with the training team?

They are all extremely supportive and very knowledgeable. The environment is friendly, so I don’t feel apprehensive raising any issues or questions.

What was your experience like on your induction day?

After some initial computer problems, I enjoyed meeting the other trainees in my cohort. I also got a sense of what the job entailed – it’s quite niche and I knew next to nothing about it before starting.

Who has been your go to person for support throughout your training?

David Smith, the training manager. He’s very approachable and happy to answer any questions I have.

How would you describe your experience so far in three words?

Interesting, challenging, enjoyable

Is there anything you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself about your first week?

To relax. You’re not expected to know anything about costing going into the process. Although all the new information can feel overwhelming at first, it does start to click very quickly.

How would you describe the Bidwell Henderson Training Programme for future potential trainees to help them better understand what’s involved? It’s very well structured. The blend of lessons/quizzes and mock files means you never feel out of your depth and are prepared for live files when you eventually move onto them. Having daily training sessions allows you to quickly answer any pressing questions about the content, so you’re never left unsure about what you’re doing for long.