Name: Emily Ducat

Office: Newcastle

What’s it like working at Bidwell Henderson?

Everyone is incredibly friendly and happy to help. There’s a strong work ethic and desire to grow.

What attracted you to the advert?

I wanted something that would involve training rather than learning everything on the job. I’d been looking at apprenticeships but couldn’t afford to take one. Having a full year of training at a salary that I could manage to pay the bills on was very appealing. As the job required IT skills and being able to extract information from text quickly, I thought that it would be something that I could do well.

What was the test like?

I’d been incredibly nervous before the test; I almost called up to cancel a few days before! I knew that the job involved numeracy and I hadn’t studied maths for around 5 years. Everyone there was very friendly and it had a much more relaxed atmosphere than I expected. The maths wasn’t as difficult as I had expected and the test mostly required reading speed and comprehension. I finished it in under half the time I’d been given which made me think that I had failed, so I was very surprised to get the call inviting me to interview.

Tell us about your favourite work day so far

The first day that I started a live file was probably my favourite day. It felt so satisfying to start working on something real and to get a taste of what my job would actually be.

What do you think about the job?

As you’re turning over files quite quickly, it stays interesting as you’re always reading about new cases. If you want to learn something new, there’s always an opportunity to learn how to cost a new type of file.

What was your biggest fear before starting at Bidwell Henderson?

I was nervous that it would be fast paced and I wouldn’t be able to keep up since I didn’t have a background in numbers or law.

What advice would you give someone applying for this year’s graduate position?

Even if you’re nervous to do a test without knowing the topic, give it a try. It’ll never do you any harm to turn up and give it a go.

Claim to fame/talent?

I can dance Charleston and Lindy Hop (a 1940s dance).

How to apply for a trainee position? Send your cover letter and CV to or click this link