Meet our Trainee Emily Clayton

  • Tell us a bit about yourself

I am 23 from Chesterfield, Derbyshire. I have a naturally introverted nature, so I really enjoy spending time playing games or having quiet nights-in with my family and friends. When COVID-19 first hit, given our circumstances, my family and I took extra precautions and decided to shield from the beginning. Whilst this gave me ample time to focus on my studies and play the games, I had never found time to beforehand, I am very much looking forward to seeing my friends and partner when the governmental guidelines permits us to do so.

  • How did you find the recruitment process for the trainee position?

I found it particularly informative, and I really enjoyed the chance to explore small elements of the role before the interview. I think it was a great idea to provide the activity and see how the applicants performed on that. The way it was described was beneficial, also, as it mentioned that the applicant was not expected to get everything right and that they should take their time and just concentrate.

  • How did you find your first week at BH?

The first week was great. Despite some expected technological issues, the first week ran smoothly and all made sense. I personally missed a task or two which could have affected my learning quite a bit, but the directors and the training manager didn’t make me feel negative about it and supported me through amending the mistakes with no issue. David Smith has been very supportive and very open-minded to the different skillsets and abilities in the cohort, and they have adapted the programme thusly, i.e. extending the time for a module.

  • How did you feel starting the job given the current global circumstances?

As I was still completing a Postgraduate course when the first UK national lockdown was initiated, I was somewhat familiar with the learning from home regime. Whilst I am capable of working on my own and in my own space, I can’t help but feel I would benefit greatly from being in an office and/or surrounded by my fellow trainees. On the other hand, the daily tutorials and availability of the training manager has made this adjustment so much easier as you can still ask questions and get answers in a short amount of time. You don’t feel like you have been left with no supervision whatsoever as you know there is always someone there to ask for help. Another trainee and I have also established contact through WhatsApp after being added to some BH groups, so this was an added bonus as I can talk to them when I am stuck or confused and vice versa.

  • How did you find the online training side of the programme?

The online training side of the programme has been well established and you can see that here has been a lot of time and effort put into making it. The information is thorough and easy to understand but it also encourages extra research beyond what it handed to us. I personally like that the questions/quizzes after each module are relevant to the information mentioned previously but sometime requires extra research, it really fortifies that we should go above and beyond in order to make the most out of it. I agree with the amended time schedule for the second module as I believe one working day was not enough to cover the information and tasks provided. I found myself panicking and trying to get through it quicker than I would have liked to and ended up making big mistakes, such as missing elements of tasks or missing an entire task.

  • What is it like working with the training team?

The training team have been incredibly supportive and expectant of our mistakes. David, in particular, has been very welcoming and open to discussing any questions or issues through email or Microsoft Teams. There was one instant where I realised, I had made a mistake and he rang me within minutes to talk me through what I should have done and to ensure that I understood everything. The daily tutorials are extremely helpful and is a nice way to round off some information with the fellow cohort and I particularly like that we get individual feedback based on the tasks we complete.

  • What was your experience like on your induction day?

The induction day went particularly smoothly. It was nice to meet a range of different people and for them to tell you who they were and what their roles were. It meant that any communication in the coming days were to somebody you had already ‘met’ (even if it was virtually). It depletes that barrier of just being another name behind a screen, so I really enjoyed that. Everybody was very pleasant and welcoming and didn’t make you feel like you were a burden.

  • how are you adapting to using our systems and technology?

So far, I have had no issues with any technology, and I am quite confident using the systems we have been introduced too.

  • What skills do you think have helped you this week?

Time management and organisation, certainly. I began by writing hand-written notes and that caused me to fall behind quite a bit. I have learned to adapt to the circumstances and do what is best for the situation rather than what I would prefer. I like to think I am an organised person, and this is one of my strongest skills, though I have had to establish organisation in a new way for this role – for instance, having several different programmes open at once and organising them in a way that doesn’t confuse me.

  • How would you describe your first week in three words?

Interesting, hard-working, welcoming.

  • Is there anything you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself about your first week?  

“Pay attention to the smaller details and don’t get too distracted reading about key words. Don’t rush yourself and make sure to read everything so you don’t miss anything important!”

  • How would you describe the first week at BH for future potential trainees to help them better understand what’s involved?

There is a lot of cross-referencing, so organisation is key! Everything is explained well and in a lot of detail so having previous knowledge on the subjects aren’t required as you’ll learn from day 1. It’s a lot of information individually, but it all relates to one another, so it makes sense very quickly, try not to let yourself get overwhelmed!