Meet our Trainee Chloe Smith

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Chloe, I joined Bidwell Henderson last week as a Trainee Law Costs Draftsperson. I previously worked part-time in retail as a Sales Assistant while studying Law at Sheffield Hallam University before graduating in 2020. When I saw the Trainee vacancy for Bidwell Henderson, I felt it would be perfect for me as I didn’t have much experience outside of working in retail and liked that I could learn with mock files rather than have the pressure of working with live files straight away! I love going on holiday and getting to explore different parts of the world. I also love Disney and anything pink! I enjoy going on walks and would love to explore more parts of the UK.

  • How did you find the recruitment process for the trainee position?

I think the recruitment process is good. The job description was very detailed, and I like that the recruitment test gives you a small insight into what you will be doing in the role.

  • How did you find your first week at BH?

Overall, the first week went well. I did find the first day quite overwhelming as I had a few IT/headphone issues to deal with, but everyone was so nice and helpful, I felt very welcomed. So far, I feel the training is going well, I haven’t found anything overly confusing, and I am enjoying the maths side of things.

  • How did you find the online training side of the programme?

I find Thinkific easy to navigate and feel the training is going well. I like how it is structured and that we have a timetable to follow as this helps me to know I am working at the correct pace. Initially, I felt myself rushing through the training to keep up with the timetable, but now this has been amended I can slow down and take my time. I feel the lessons are delivered well and it is easy to transfer what I have learned to the exercises.

  • What is it like working with the training team?

I like that David is very approachable and I feel I can ask him any question without judgement. I also feel that he delivers the tutorials well and that feedback on the exercises is provided very quickly.

  • Do you find it helpful training alongside other cohort team members?

I was happy to be joining Bidwell Henderson with a cohort as I thought it would be comforting to know that there are others in the same position and that we would be able to help each other. However, we don’t really get to talk to each other due to working from home. While we do have the Trainee Whatsapp group I personally feel intimidated to message in there as I don’t want to disturb the non-trainees in there. I feel it would be nice if we could have a trainee only group chat where we can get to know one another and discuss the training between ourselves. This could also be helpful as we could potentially answer each other’s questions without having to email David.

  • What skills do you think have helped you this week?

I think just being eager to learn and being engaged with the tutorials and the lessons on Thinkific have really helped me to get through the training at a good pace! Also my attention to detail in ensuring I’m picking up all the information on the files has helped me in the exercises and getting the correct answers in the quizzes.

  • How would you describe your first week in three words?

Enjoyable, fascinating, engaging.

  • Is there anything you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself about your first week?  

Firstly, I would tell myself that there is nothing to be nervous about as everyone is so lovely, welcoming and approachable! I would also remind myself not to get stressed about the IT set-up/issues as someone will be there to help.

  • How would you describe the first week at BH for future potential trainees to help them better understand what’s involved?

You may feel there’s a lot of information on the first day but try not to be overwhelmed by it! By the 3rd/4th day you’ll be into the rhythm of going through the modules on the training platform and attending your tutorials, it’ll all become routine. The training is presented in a way that gets you familiar with solicitor files and CostsMaster early on, so you’ll pick things up so quickly!