Chelsea Allcock - Administration Apprentice

Name: Chelsea Allcock

Office: Alfreton

What’s it like working at Bidwell Henderson?

Fun, exciting and rewarding.

What attracted you to the apprenticeship advert?

What I noticed first about the advert was that it was in my local area. A lot of apprenticeships that were being advertised to me were based in the cities around me and I would’ve struggled to get to and from them.

Tell us about your favourite work day so far

I don’t think I have one day in particular which is my favourite. But I can genuinely say that I enjoy coming to work every day.

What do you think about the job?

It is a great way for someone to start their career if they are unsure of what to do. When I finished my A levels I was unsure what to do but I know I wanted to go into a professional work environment.

What was your biggest fear before starting at Bidwell Henderson?

My biggest fear was not being professional enough especially since I had no office work before I started at Bidwell Henderson.

Please remember to attach a CV and a covering letter of why you would be suitable for the position.