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Are you looking for a long-term professional legal job?

We’re looking for:

  1. Individuals with a passion for getting a job done right first time.
  2. Graduates who focus on providing excellent client care.
  3. Trainees who want to continue learning and developing their skills beyond the 12 month training programme.

We have created our own bespoke training programme compliamented by one to one mentoring so don’t worry if you don’t yet know what we do or how we do it.

Location – Newcastle or Derbyshire office

Progression opportunities

Permanent positions available after training

Dynamic and fast growing firm

Roles and Responsibilities

Becoming a trainee at Bidwell Henderson will give you an overview of various aspects of the law. No two cases are the same. You will find yourself mainly:

Responsibility You’re a capable individual so right from the start of your career you’ll be given responsibility to ensure your work is of the highest standard before it is checked by your mentor.

Client Facing – Our company is dedicated to providing the absolute best service to lawyers. You will be trusted to communicate with our clients and provide the highest standards when doing so.

Education Everything that we do as a company ensures we achieve our goal – to build confident law costs draftspeople who are hungry for knowledge and are therefore able to provide our clients with the best service.

Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to be an expert in all of these things. If you are trainable, proactive and resilient, our bespoke training programme and one to one mentoring will help you develop everything else.

Don’t just take our word for it

Do you want to be the best? Together we can be!

We know that part of the secret to our success is knowledge, experience and the support we provide to our team who then ‘pay it forward’ to our clients.

Most of your training will happen within your office with on the job coaching and learning opportunities from your mentor and colleagues. The training includes:

Build your knowledge on our e-learning platform

One to one mentoring

On the job coaching

Meet Emily Clayton

Emily joined us as a Trainee Law Costs Draftsperson in March 2021.

“I began training at Bidwell Henderson on the 8th March 2021 with a cohort of new starters. The Bidwell Henderson team really went out of their way to ensure that we all felt a part of the team and knew exactly where to turn if we had any questions, issues or just needed someone to talk to. They advised us from the very beginning that this wasn’t an easy role and it takes a lot of hard work and time management (they’re definitely right about that!) but with the right amount of support and concise training we could also exceed expectations. This is exactly what they’ve done; the training materials are well-adjusted for beginners but delves into enough information that encourages you to learn beyond the scope of what they’ve provided. They have created step-by-step guides for the system we use which are extremely helpful when inputting data as well as daily tutorials, quizzes, tasks (sometimes with prizes) and mock files to prepare us for the real thing. The team are all extremely helpful and have not once made me feel like I’m a burden for asking silly questions or like I’m irresponsible for making mistakes. They encourage us to try our best and reach our goals but most importantly be comfortable and confident in what we do, even if that means taking our time and focusing on our accuracy rather than completing tasks in the designated time. Overall, it’s very thorough, very thought out, rich with information but most crucially it’s very well-supported by very nice people!”

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Meet Chloe Smith

Chloe joined us as a Trainee Law Costs Draftsperson in March 2021.

“I began the Law Costs Draftsperson training programme with Bidwell Henderson in March 2021 and I have felt supported and welcomed from the beginning! Everyone at Bidwell Henderson is so lovely and approachable. The programme is organised in a way that allows you to practice what you are learning as you go. You are given all the information on a certain topic and then asked to complete an activity, such as a quiz or a training exercise. You begin by working on mock files which I have personally found to be really helpful as it helps to highlight your strengths as well as the areas you potentially need to revisit. The training team empower you to ask as many questions as you need and everyone is always happy to help! It’s a lovely environment to learn in.

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Meet Samantha Wright

Sam joined us as a Trainee Law Costs Draftsperson in October 2020.

“I am currently in month 5 of my training programme with Bidwell Henderson. I have learnt a lot of personal skills, as well as professional skills through the well structured and thought out training programme. I have access to the best minds in the industry for support and advice, as well as the helpful tools and guidance from the training programme. I have learnt a lot and each day, I still learn new tricks to maximise my potential in my role, as well as feeling more confident in my work each day. I am still going through my learning experience and it has been a really rewarding journey so far. I cannot recommend this programme enough as a start to an amazing, rewarding career with a wonderful team.”

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